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1) As you come closer to purchasing your property, you will need a Real Estate Lawyer to help complete your transaction. If you have not worked one before, you may wonder what a real estate lawyer does and why you need one in the first place? Note that a real estate lawyer can not only close local properties in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge but can also handle real estate law needs within the province of Ontario.

2) As a home buyer, you will quickly become familiar with various types of insurance you may require. One of these is known as Title Insurance. This will be purchased while you close your property with your real estate lawyer. This video provides a general introduction of what Title Insurance and the importance of ensuring that you have this protection in place. As a real estate lawyer, we help home owners with ordering this policy as a part of the regular closing services.

3) It has become increasingly popular, especially for first-time buyers of real estate and those that are downsizing to choose to live in a condominium. However, it is important to understand what condominium ownership involves before you decide to buy into it. Are you buying a property in Kitchener, Waterloo, or Cambridge and want to understand more about your upcoming condominium purchase or sale? Give us a call 519.224.3082

4) The importance of creating a will and power of attorney documents is well known but many Canadians do not get around to it which often leads to unintended consequences such as an individual’s hard-earned money ending up in the wrong hands or minor children not being protected. Check out this short video on the importance of having a will and power of attorney documentation prepared. A wills and power of attorney lawyer can help you understand your estate planning needs and complete this critical task.

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